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T.S.O.L (formally Vicious Circle) began in Orange County, California in 1979. Early on they supported The Damned and The Dead Kennedy's in San Francisco and around Southern California.

By 1981, with the release of their album "Dance With Me," they were propelled to new punk status. Now they were able to headline 3000 seat venues like The Hollywood Palladium with bands like Social Distortion and Bad Religion opening for them.

Today, T.S.O.L. are back to show new generations of fans how it's done. Learn from original member Ron Emory. His strumming technique and use of barre chords set T.S.O.L. apart from the other bands of the punk genre. Ron single-handedly spawned a new approach to playing punk music.

ABOLISH GOVERNMENT/SILENT MAJORITY LEVEL: Intermediate 6.......In this guitar lesson video, RON EMORY will show us the T.S.O.L. classics "Abolish Government/Silent Majority." RON EMORY is one of the only punk rock guitar players we've seen that plays full on barre chords while omitting the root. This among other ingredients gave T.S.O.L. their own sound . . . CHECK THIS OUT